Behind The Scenes

The Hummingbird Card Company was born out of a love for stationery & a desire to create something beautiful using the amazing technology of laser-cutting. It fast became a labour of love to create designs with a modern vintage style for wedding stationery & so the company was born in 2007. The rest is history…

We are a specialty laser cut stationers & design studio & have been creating wedding invitations, greeting cards & personalised stationery for the past seven years. Although our studio is based in the Midlands we ship orders all over the world, from the US, to Australia, South Africa & Dubai!

Our products include:

  • Laser cut & digitally printed wedding stationery
  • Laser cut, digitally printed & foiled greeting cards
  • Laser cut & digitally printed bespoke & personalised stationery for any occasion
  • Laser cut & digitally printed event & occasion stationery such as christenings & baby announcements

Have A Sneaky Peek At How Laser Cutting Works

We're laser cut crazy & love the beautiful effect so much that we based the company around it. We offer digital printing as an affordable, personalised stationery alternative but our specialty is laser cutting. It’s as literal as it sounds too. A laser beam burns away the card to reveal a beautiful lacy laser cut design. Yes there’s burning & flames but due to the clever technology only the smallest of areas are burnt out. You do sometimes get a small amount of burnishing on the back but we adore this & think it adds to the vintage feel.

We love our little old England so much that we try as hard as we can to source all our materials from here & everything is made in our Midlands based studio.

We live & breathe great design to create unique stationery. We're constantly following trends & looking for new ideas & unexpected ways to bring new ideas to our stationery & we spend hours perfecting & critiquing each design before it reaches you.

Laser Cutting Wood