Corporate Laser Cut Stationery

Corporate Stationery

The Hummingbird Card Company is proud to have received a number of high profile commissions from some wonderfully prestigious companies, who have found that laser cutting provides a stunning element to their stationery. We are always happy to work on specific bespoke projects, ranging from the application of laser cutting, printing and foiling to design work for: Event Invitations, Christmas & Greeting Cards, and Promotional Stationery. We love a creative challenge, so please get in touch.

If you would like to discuss the various options available to businesses then please drop us a line on
01530 411 288 or

Collaborative Work

10:10 and The Hay Festival 2010

We were commissioned to produce a laser-cut bookmark to be given out free from all book shops over the course of this festival, working in collaboration with 10:10 to promote cutting emissions, climate change, etc.

Nicole Farhi

Our commission was to produce a highly bespoke Christmas Card for 2010 in close collaboration with renowned paper cut artist Su Blackwell. The result was spectacular.

Victoria Baths

Commissioned to produce a special greeting card featuring a laser-cut image of the famous Victoria baths, to be sold in their gallery/shop.

Emma Baxter Photography

Commissioned by this fantastic photographer to design a new logo and artwork for application to their website, business cards and stationery.

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