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Icing on the Cake

Confession time! OK, so we do sometimes get rather carried away with the whole wedding details thing but who’s not loving a cake topper!  For us it all started one day with just messing around after we’d laser cut some wooden artworks. We simply tried one to match our Garden Party design and ‘hey presto’ there it was in all its perfect glory just needing a cake! I have to say it looked gorg, laser cut in a thin wood laminate. Then the very next customer to make an appointment came into the showroom and declared ‘I’m having one of those!!!’ Before she’d even ordered her wedding invitations.

So after such a passionate response we just had to design and make a few more. And then it really began. We started ordering pieces of acrylic and we just fell in love with the mirror finish gold, silver and rose gold. It must have been that inner voice that’s loving a little luxe glamour that said make me! So we did.

They’re not a new invention, in fact they’ve been topping wedding cakes since the early 1920’s. During the Second World War the cake topper became more than just a frivolous decoration but a beautiful and sentimental keepsake, as the groom would appear dressed in uniform. It would become a treasured item if a partner was lost in war.

1920's antique cake topper

vintage cake topper

There’s something wonderfully sentimental about them too, as they then would be handed down, the ‘something old’ from mother to daughter, how touching is that! And call me a complete old romantic but now there’s a trend too for granddaughters to use their grandmothers cake toppers, don’t you just love a family heirloom on what must be the most precious family day?


The wedding cake, has its very own moment of glory at a wedding! Suddenly its the centre of attention as guests gather to watch the bride and groom cut the cake. The paparazzi guests take endless photos at your wedding reception, so it really should be one of the important things that a couple take time to find. After all, cake toppers are the perfect way to personalise your cake, making it unique and even better they’re an inexpensive way of adding personality to your big day.

Our designs are made to match our stationery so you can follow the theme throughout your day. We can also make bespoke designs for those couples who’ve decided to use our bespoke service.

Garden Party

The romance of a garden party wedding just has to be with miniature bunting, birds and flowers and reflects a relaxed, fun or village fete wedding theme. Surround the cake topper with fresh or sugar flowers.






Bicycle Made For Two

For true romantics why not get carried away with this oh so adorable tandem bicycle!







Boho Bride

So who doesn’t love a wedding with balloons, tiny balloons swaying in the breeze and a little dove perches on the Mr & Mrs wedding sign. What could be more romantic!





Paper Moon

New to our collection and not yet launched is our Paper Moon design, a couple on a old fashioned photographers prop, the moon and stars. As more couples seek out amazing props for weddings we’re loving the bygone eras use of stage props and we’re a sucker for vintage revival and all things nostalgic!


Photography by the amazing Rachael Connerton

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