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Paper & treasures

A couple of weeks ago I popped down to Brighton & thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Artists Open House‘ weekend! It was wonderful to see so many people of all ages & back grounds creating unique art & also popping into their homes to get glimpse into where the magic happens. OK, so its a little nosy, but some artists homes were just as inspirational as their art!

So we love all things paper here in the studio & I fell in love with Jo Cole’s paper sculptures made from old vintage romantic novels! Something different to paper cutting. Here’s one of her mushrooms that I treated myself to. Jo was also making delicate little apples & pears that were hanging in twisted willow branches. They looked so magical &  you just wanted to sneak a peek inside the pages to try & read a snippet of text!

Jo showed at The Garden House, an oasis created in an old market garden hidden behind a row of Victorian Terraces. Artists displayed work with plants & gardens in mind & the setting was perfect as was the weather, hot & sunny! Jo creates from the treasures she’s collected on woodland walks &  from junked romantic novels, she’s made a set of female figures made from old sprigs, with jointed arms fashioned from twigs and other bits and pieces she’s collected along the way.

Twig lady.

Jo made her from bits and pieces collected in autumn, her head is made from an acorn found in Poland and the rest of her is from East Sussex foraging!

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