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Wedding Trends 2020 – 21 Part 2

Our previous post covered trends for brides and grooms, wedding dresses, veils, grooms attire, the rings, the wedding party, colours and flowers and a whole lot more.

We’re now taking a look at everything for…

On the Day

Going Green & Sustainable Weddings

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many couples will be opting for eco-friendly wedding ideas and are looking for ways to reduce the environmental and ethical impact of their wedding. More people are becoming environmentally conscious every year – even Princess Eugenie had a plastic-free wedding and Megan and Harry asked for donations for a pollution-fighting charity in lieu of gifts.

With food waste being a top way to lessen the environmental impact that can occur at a wedding,  many couples are looking first to this area when it comes to planning and opting for locally in season menus. It’s really an opportunity to have incredibly fresh and seasonal ingredients, while also lowering the environmental impact especially when you select vendors committed to trash-free and carbon-neutral catering.

There are lots of other things you can do which are positive for the environment. Here are just a few ideas:

Recycled and FSC stationery – From invites to place cards using recycled materials is a great idea. You can even buy papers which contain seeds so your wedding can contribute beautiful flowers months after the big day! All our card is FSC which indicates that products are certified under the FSC system, which sets standards on forest products, along with certifying and labelling them as eco-friendly. The FSC certificate ensures that you are buying forest products with confidence, so you are helping to keep our forests alive for generations to come.

Think local – When planning your wedding menu think about sourcing local fruits and vegetables or even go totally organic.

Wine – British or European wines served instead of those flown from across the world.

Seasonal flowers – Natural weddings are in style at the moment so go for flowers which are ethically produced, locally grown and in season. Planning your wedding around the natural products available is a beautiful way to help the environment. The British Flower Collective has a great guide to flowers in bloom in Britain throughout the year even in the depths of winter. Expect to see more living trees and plants in ceramic pots and cool containers instead of cut flowers. These will be planted after the wedding or given as gifts to guests.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers | Confetti.co.uktheenglishweddingblog.co.uk
Plastic-free – Consider the straws in guests’ post-ceremony cocktails and drinks, they have become more sustainable too. with paper or bamboo straws.
Live sustainably by swapping a single use plastic straw with a bamboo straw. Available at Biome Eco Stores. Photo by @annetheresebengtsson on Instagram.

Confetti – Petal confetti instead of paper. Bubbles are just as beautiful and are the perfect confetti alternative. A cloud of bubbles around the couple looks incredible in photos, especially at a sunny wedding where they’ll catch the light. Bubbles are eco-friendly, just make sure to buy recyclable tubes of them or make your own. Ribbon wands are new and look amazing being waved at spring and summer weddings in pretty pastels. While jewel tones and rich earthy colours look fabulous in autumn and winter and they are also easy to DIY your own.

tinsel streamers
romantic bubbles wedding send off ideas
Hochzeit Wedding Wands

 Back to Nature

In the future England is set to have laws similar to Scotland, regards to outdoor weddings, giving you more freedom on where you have your big day. For a beautiful wedding, the countryside can be a stunning location, and with the new regulations coming soon, it looks like 2020 and 2021 weddings can be even more adventurous. You only have to look to the USA for styling ideas for outdoor weddings at vineyards, botanical gardens, lakeside and beautiful beaches. (With the growth in this trend, the opposite will definitely appear with the increase in city weddings too at equally impressive venues, libraries, museums and galleries maybe).

The Arbor @ Hyde House & Barn |UK Wedding | Outdoor Wedding Venue | Summer Wedding | Outdoor Ceremony | Countryside Wedding | Cotswold Wedding | Barn Wedding | Wedding Ideas | Image: White Stag Photography
Bride photographed in vineyard at Brickhouse Vineyard wedding venue, Devon | Little Book UK Wedding Directory #weddingvenue #weddingvenueindevon #countrywedding #littlebookforweddings

Getting Tech

Wedding technology might sound a bit sci-fi but couples are now opting for drones to photograph or film their big day from the air! Great for all the outdoor weddings.

Or if you want to transform your venue have a look into video mapping, it’s an amazing new trend which is only going to get bigger. You essentially project and shine light or images onto the walls and floor, transforming your space into whatever you want. Perhaps a forest of trees, a night sky full of stars and constellations or a greenhouse full of tropical foliage.

Taking images with a drone is getting more and more popular. As a photographer, you get the possibility to shoot your photos from a new point of view. You can expand your variety of taking images and create something new and fascinating. Not only you get the satisfaction of creating breathtaking and impressive photos, but your clients will love the results for sure. Image by Dmytro Sobokar
Drone wedding photography reaches new heights of creativity.

Culinary Creativity

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding breakfast, but couples are becoming more adventurous with menus. You want your guests to remember your wedding as an incredible day and amazing food is an easy way to do it!

So how can you make sure your guests can’t stop talking about your wedding menu?

2020 will see lots of new ideas, from smaller plates replacing the big meals, grazing and feast tables, vegan and veggie dietary options for all the guests, making vegetarianism and veganism the norm. Interactive feasting will continue to be hugely popular and inspire conversation between guests, from sharing-inspired mains to deluxe desserts designed to be portioned at the table, the atmosphere will be relaxed and convivial.

The latest wedding foodie trend: Wedding Grazing Tablesonefabday.com
Feast for the Eyes: Epic Grazing Tables are Taking Over! - Green Wedding Shoes



 More and more couples are choosing to create self-service bars, beer taps and 70’s style cocktail bars and even the 70’s dessert trolley at their weddings.  While arguably this could be dangerous, particularly amongst those more indulgent friends and family, they do make life easier for the bride and groom and give a more casual approach. It might seem like a trend for those with deep pockets, but you can make your own DIY beer tap station pretty easily. A local brewery will happily sell you kegs and may even help make a special brew just for your big day. Just check the corkage charge on your venue.


Fun and Creative Wedding Bar Ideas


Vai fazer um mini wedding ou um casamento civil com breakfast? Uma ótima dica é montar um cantinho com café e guloseimas bem no estilo self-service. Você pode fazer isso em casa num restaurante e até em salões que trabalham com esse estilo específico de casamento. Fica LINDO!


Vintage Drinks Trolley: To hire (includes all glassware, floral arrangements and fruit bowl), £1,250, and apricot and sweet cicely Champagne cocktail, from £7.50, gingarden.com [link url="/planning/receptions/reception-themes/2017/01/wedding-trends-2017/gallery#!photo1"]THE BIGGEST WEDDING TRENDS FOR 2017[/link] [link url="/planning/receptions/reception-themes"]MORE BEAUTIFUL RECEPTION THEMES[/link]

 Whatever your wedding menu is don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous!


Bringing Outdoors In

Here in the UK, we are not always blessed with the best or guaranteed weather, so what’s your alternative? You can bring the outdoors inside of course!

We’re talking more than just your typical wedding flowers. Tailored greenery is likely to replace centrepieces at a lot of weddings in the next few years. Having indoor trees and bringing nature into your wedding could give you that perfect blend between natural and not freezing to death in the rain. Great for photo opportunities too!

 Art Inspired Wedding


Wedding Reception Venues Indoor Trees 70 Ideas #wedding

Blumendekoration Hochzeitsdekoration


Floral Clouds

Big, unwieldy centrepieces are definitely out as couples love to keep flowers low to encourage conversation between their guests. In their place, we’ll see the elaborate floral displays moved off the tables and up onto the ceilings with statement installations designed to transform your venue. Think floral clouds, with suspended lighting, working alongside floral aisle runners in grasses, wildflowers and bold colours. Pampas grass, dried gypsophila and heads of hydrangea are great for voluminous and textured floral clouds, you or your florist can create and suspend them from the ceiling to look like they’re floating.

Mary Lennox on Instagram: “✨☁️💫 new cloud for @_foodstories_ @_designtales_”


Create moments of ethereal beauty throughout your wedding with floral arrangements in palettes bleached of color.


Dry Grass Wedding Inspiration Blush Bowties Toronto Wedding #blush #bowties #grass #inspiration #toronto #wedding

Monochromatic Shoot Featured on Wedding Sparrow – Madame de la Maison
Hold up. This all pink wedding inspiration was in collaboration with the A-team of NYC wedding vendors? Head to #ruffledblog to see why Styled Social is the next big thing for wedding photographers!

Wedding Cakes

Judging by recent celebrity weddings, the cake is one tradition couples are not missing out. Wedding cakes have evolved from the traditional fruit and fondant kinds into towering works of art covered in anything from edible flowers to dripped icing, brush strokes, crystalised sugar shards, with new flavours gin, elderflower and luscious lemon.

Decorate with dried flowers, feather plumes, brush strokes, gold leaf and glitter, marble effects and ingenious icing sculptures.

A classically romantic wedding in Charleston isn't complete without lace wedding dresses, and fresh garden roses. If you're looking to for a delightful twist, the dried bleached ferns and touch of coastal in the reception takes it from beautiful to GORGEOUS.

Seeing today's magical wedding in the Redwoods warms our hearts. Maggie + Tom are lovers of something everlasting, and so do we! They opted for a neutral color palette with heaps of undying beauty of dried florals + foliage. See how their road to everlasting life together on #ruffledblog

wedding cake with feathers, gold speckle and skinny taper candles

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Wedding Decor

Unique lighting has become a key focus, with on-trend weddings featuring a mix of hanging pendants, chandeliers and ratan lampshades.

Contemporary Montecito Wedding at Hone


Rattan lamps hung from the top of the tent, lending a warm, laid-back vibe to the reception. Greenery helped hide the lamps' wires. #Wedding #Lights #Venue #Unique #WoodenLights #Greenery #WeddingDecor | Martha Stewart Weddings - This Maryland Wedding Melded East and West Coast Style


Loving this eclectic mix of rattan lampshades and pampas grass 🌾⠀ ⠀ Photography | @henryandmac⠀ Venue | @weekapauginn⠀ Florals |…

To add real sparkle everything from fairy lights, light bulbs to reusable LED balloons.

Classification: Balloon StickCustomized: NoMaterial: LatexNumber of Pcs: 1pcShape Style: Round

A new creation! Fabulous for weddings, birthday celebrations, graduations! www.letspartywithballoons.com.au


Dried palms, pampas grass plumes and unusual delicate grasses will be used to create lush bohemian backdrops and wild bouquets, with feather details and gold touches for wedding stationery, disco balls and retro peacock chairs with macrame, the Seventies are back.


Dreamy wedding ceremony backdrop design with trendy pampas grass by Floribunda Rose, styled by Kate Cullen and captures by Bowtie and Belle Photography, featured on B.LOVED Blog!

Natural tone modern Wabi Sabi wedding ideas

Instead of just an arch at your altar, consider one that guests must pass under to enter your ceremony space. Draped fabrics are beautiful, while old wooden doors are a fantastic rustic option. Inside, you could use vintage furniture, eclectic patterns, or finishing touches of cushions and blankets to add even more texture to your seating.

Now you’re up to date with all the best and emerging wedding trends for 2020, you can start planning your dream wedding!

Why not head to our Pinterest boards, where you’ll find lots of other gorgeous ideas!

Happy planning.

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