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We’re Supporting Colour Friday

Today 25th November!

Swap Black Friday For Colour Friday

This Year And Support

Small Businesses Like Ours

It’s that time of year again, when the word Black Friday floods our inbox and shoppers seem to go a little bit crazy, lured into discounts and bargains by the big boys which in truth are never quite as good as they appear!

Last year, Holly Tucker launched Colour Friday to kickstart a retail revolution for Christmas shoppers. Rather than taking part in the mass consumption of Black Friday, she encouraged the nation to celebrate the colour and creativity that small businesses bring instead, and buy carefully made Christmas gifts from UK artists, crafters, creators, artisans and independents.

We’re asking you to do one SMALL ACT of thoughtfulness today and this Christmas, which will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Shop local, shop handmade, discover the treats your small independents have instore and explore the amazing small businesses online who bring you so much choice, uniqueness with incredible back stories, underlying sentiments and yep, they are pretty good at sustainability too, what could be better.

This simple act of placing an order or making a purchase will put a smile on the face of a small business owner, their heart will skip a beat, and behind closed doors you may just hear a squeal delight or see them dancing for you joy… it really does mean that much! I can’t imagine Amazon doing that can you?

This year, Holly is shouting out even louder, backed by us and her huge following of ‘RETAIL REBELS’, because…

  • In a recent poll, half of UK small business owners said they’re genuinely concerned that this will be their last Christmas trading.
  • Carbon emissions generated from Black Friday online sales alone are equivalent to 215 flights from London to Sydney.
  • 89% of shoppers reported finding Black Friday highly stressful.
  • A quarter of Brits surveyed said they regretted their Christmas Black Friday buys.

The Hummingbird team are asking you today to show some love and vote with your money, SHOP SMALL with independent businesses and choose handmade, creative gifts that are made to last.


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