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Your invitations set the mood for your entire wedding, giving your guests a sneak peak of the style and feel you have chosen. Here are some ideas of different printing and cutting methods you can use to customise your invitations, with our paper and card stock colour palettes.

Print Methods


Digital printing onto card will give your invitations a smooth, clean finish, for black and full colour.  This is the most standard and cost-effective printing option. All digital printed invitations will be printed onto beautiful uncoated 300gsm paper.

If your design has lots of colour, we recommend choosing a white cardstock so the colours come up sharp and crisp.


White ink printing is a similar method to digital printing in that it gives a flat print, however instead of printing in colour, it’s printed in white ink. This does not print in a true bright white, if this is the effect you want then we suggest using Digital Foil printing using a matt foil or perhaps Letter Press printing.

When choosing a card colour, pick a darker stock, rather than light, as of course white ink will not show up on white stock. White Ink printing looks great on opaque vellum paper.


Letterpress printing is one of our favourites, one of the oldest forms of printing, created by pressing a metal plate of your design into a thick card stock to give a beautiful, luxurious effect. It is more complex and costly than digital printing, as it has a lengthy set up involved.

Letterpress can be done on card stocks from 300gsm, but the thicker the stock, the deeper the impression. We would suggest using a 600gsm card stock for the best results.


Digital Foil printing applies a foil to an ink without the requirement of a die metal plate. This process is more cost effective and quicker than Foil Press printing however you won’t get an impression left in the card, the finish is smooth and flat. This pre-printing process can only use a specific ultra smooth card stock, so the colour palette for this style pf printing is limited.

We have gold, rose gold, copper and silver foils available.


Foil press has a similar process to letterpress printing, but instead of using ink, your design is pressed into the paper with shiny or matt foil using a metal hot plate. Our standard colours are gold, rose gold, copper, silver, white and midnight blue, but we do have other colours so please ask if you are thinking of something else.

Foiling can be done on 300gsm+ cardstock, but the thicker the stock, the better the result. It also works beautifully on both light and dark coloured cardstocks. It is the most costly printing method, but the luxurious finish is well worth the investment.












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