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Iconic Bikini Moments

Forgive me for having a moment away from stationery and a little trip down memory lane. Having started out as a lingerie and swimwear designer I just can’t help but mark this moment in time!

The bikini just turned 70!

July 5, 1946 was the day the bikini was launched to the world, in Paris, by Louis Réard. He’d noticed that women were always having to roll up their swimwear on the beach in order to tan. We owe him so much!

The Réard brand was popular for several decades but disappeared in the 70’s. Now it is being brought back under new management, and rumour has it that the first design will be a version of its original newspaper-print style, in honor of the anniversary.

Louis Reard and the first string bikini circa 1946

The bikini has created some beautiful and iconic photos over the last 70 years. So because we are supposed to be in the middle of summer, (its raining and cold of course, what else…) I thought I’d celebrate by putting together a few of my favourite iconic bikini moments.


<Brigitte Bardot in Cannes (1953)

Brigitte Bardot in Cannes 1953

This beautiful shot of Brigitte Bardot on the beach during the 1953 Cannes Film Festival for the film ‘Girl in a Bikini’.  The 18-year-old wearing a floral print bandeau bikini, posed on the beach for photographers and helped bring the then-risqué two-piece to the world’s attention.

audrey 36

Audrey Hepburn looking fabulous in cat eyes and polka dots.


A very young Marilyn Monroe before her platinum blonde locks coiffed to perfection and full make-up. Love the cute french nautical stripes with red ribbon slot trim and cute little bows!

Marilyn Monroe showing off a polka dot bikini in 1951.

Marilyn Monroe in a gorgeous polka dot bikini in 1951.

Jayne Mansfield in green bikini

Jayne Mansfield in a very chic green bandeau bikini.


Ursula Andress 1962

When you think of iconic bikini shots, Bond girl Honey Rider comes straight to mind in the famous “coming out of the water scene” in the first James Bond film, Dr. No.


Raquel Welch

One Million Years B.C.


Carrie Fisher 1877

Carrie in the iconic gold metallic, sculptured bikini she made famous in Star Wars Return of the Jedi.


Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr Ripley 1999

Gwyneth in a stunning vintage print bikini, of course. I have a sudden urge to buy a classic retro deckchair! But please, and most importantly let’s just take a moment to appreciate the one and only actor Jude Law in all his tanned glory.

Halle Berry channelling Usula Andress’s Bond bikini moment in Die Another Day in 2002

Halle Berry 2002

And finally of course, channelling Usula Andress’s Bond bikini moment in Die Another Day in 2002


 My No. 1

A  Very Private Affair 1962

Brigitte Bardot is often credited with making the bikini popular first by wearing the floral bikini in her 1952 film ‘The Girl in a Bikini’ and then wearing it in Cannes. But it was this perfect white underwired top and ruffled bottoms from Louis Malle’s film that is my absolute favourite and i think really made it an iconic piece of clothing still copied today!

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