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Leap Year Proposals


Did you know that leap years mean that you girls can propose to your man?

Irish folklore is full of wonderful, funny, strange, and sometimes out-dated traditions, but with a leap year of 366 days, we have the most well-known, and some may think the most romantic!  According to the old Irish tradition, the leap year is the perfect chance for a woman to take matters into her own hands and get down on one knee. Remember the movie, the Irish love to hate and we love but don’t confess to watching!

Of course, it’s OK to propose at any time, but at least with a leap year, guys, be prepared for your other half to pop the question.

Should I propose? How should I propose? Here are a few thoughts and ideas that you may like to consider first.

Should I propose?

You’ve given this sooo much thought and have decided this is the only guy you want to spend the rest of your life with. Really, will popping the question completely come out of the blue to him? Ask yourself have you talked about a future together? Has marriage ever figured in your conversations? He hasn’t asked you yet and the good news is you haven’t dumped him for being slow off the mark. You’ve been together years and he’s not about to pop the question anytime soon, so hey why not! So now you’ve made up your mind…

Where should I propose?

Guys are more receptive to safe places and comfortable surroundings so maybe best not hire a flash mob of dancers! Unless you know that’s just the kind of thing he’d love. You want him to feel relaxed, before surprised, then emotional and then oh so happy you’ve done the very thing he wanted to do!

Ideally, you want to be in a place that means something to you both that will evoke happy memories. It could be where you had your first date, first kiss, favourite walk, or just being cosied up at home with your favourite take out.

A gold band stuffed into a deep crust pizza while he’s watching the football is not the fondest of memories if he chokes to death, so take time to organise it.

Finding the perfect place to utter those 4 words ‘will you marry me’ maybe hard but perhaps you’d rather write a note then say the words.

But what if he hesitates? It’s good to have this in mind, and why proposing in a less public place can mean you get an honest answer and have the space to talk about it or share the romantic moment afterwards. Removing your coat to reveal a ‘will you marry me’ t-shirt may work really well or may not be the best of plans, think it all through.

How should I propose?

We’ve created the most adorable proposal and keepsake love token all wrapped up in a beautiful box. A wooden heart foiled with the message, Marry Me? and your initials and the date. Maybe slip a lovely photo of the two of you in the box too. You’ve not got to take a breath and find a voice and you’ve got something you can treasure for years.

What if he hesitates or says no?

Now, don’t be alarmed if he hesitates or says nothing, he’s probably forgotten it’s a leap year. Hopefully, it will just be the emotion of it all and not him quickly trying to work out an exit route!

Remember if you’re going to give this old tradition a go, it can go just as wrong for women as it can for men. All in the name of equality! If he says ‘no but…’ don’t see it as a flat out rejection. It’s the perfect time to talk about what you both want for the future while he voices any concerns he may have, be it financial, career-related, or a bad view of marriage, whatever the reason, as long as he loves you, you’ll get to talk.

If you’re set on marriage, a family and a future together and he’s not, you need to seriously consider if he is the one for you after all.

If it’s a yes or a no, either way, should lead you to your happy-ever-after…

Are you proposing this February? Tell us how it goes and…

Good luck!

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