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The Heart Of Paper Cuts

Is paper the new gold?

Stumbled across a brilliant blog the other day’The Heart of Paper Cuts’and just had to share it with you all. It celebrates paper cutting, as the name says, but really brings a sense of magic and mystery to this ancient art.

Whilst so many of the incredible creations caught my eye – it was a fabulous paper ring that really stood out. Who knows, this could actually become quite popular as a novelty for brides, or even worked into a display on the ‘big day’. Either way, there is no denying the work and skill that has gone into this little gem.

Have a browse at the blog as there are hundreds of themes aside from bridal and you can spend a good while looking at all the creations. I just loved the intricacy of the paper cutting and thought it would complement the delicate laser-cutting works of The Hummingbird Card Company, too. Items from ‘The Heart of Paper Cuts’ are on sale on Etsy.

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