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Traditions, customs, etiquette & a few little tips!

If you’ve decided to have a traditional wedding it can be confusing who does what & when, particularly if you’ve never arranged a wedding before! While chatting through stationery orders we’re often asked for our thoughts & ideas. Weddings can be tricky & stressful but thankfully there’s some good old wedding traditions that can help solve your problems. Some of them should most definitely stay in the past but others are kind of cute, so if for one day why not embrace a few old traditions and have fun?!

We’ve put together a few little tips, ideas & a whole heap of traditions to help you through.

The Dress..

is the most widely known superstition! The dress shouldn’t be seen by the groom prior to the wedding! Today most Brides wear white or ivory following an old tradition to signify virginity, happiness and joy. Historically though brides would have worn their favourite colour or dress so why not now? Ultimately go for what YOU want to wear & find your perfect dress!  Check out the new trend for floral printed wedding dresses they’re gorgeous!


Lalique Lace over Fine Crepe (The Vintage Wedding Dress Company)


Leila Rose brown polka dot tulle dress

floral-wedding-dress 1

Floral print wedding dress by Atelier Aimee Bridal Couture

The Rings…

are traditionally worn to show a person’s marital status. The tradition dates back to Roman times. It’s the most symbolic piece of jewellery anyone will wear. The unbroken circular band symbolises the eternal commitment from one person to another. A lovely idea is to have rings cut from the same piece of gold or platinum! In the past a ring bearer would have carried the ring on a cushion. Today the rings are usually paid for by the groom & are often carried by the best man. So you have the engagement ring, now all you have to do is find a stunning wedding ring to go with it!


Vintage wedding rings

Something old…. something new, something borrowed, something blue, & a silver sixpence in your shoe!

The last part of the rhyme, isn’t used much any more (probably because it was pretty uncomfortable!) but a silver sixpence symbolised happiness, spiritual & financial wealth. Why not add ‘I DO’ to the soles of your shoes in silver or in silver diamanté, it’s great to make your guests giggle when they catch a glimpse!


‘I Do’ for your shoes from Nutmeg on Not On The High Street

The bride wears ‘something old’ as a symbol of her old life that she is leaving behind & old friends to bring into her new life. (I had an old silver locket tied into my bouquet with photos of my grandparents.) The ‘new’ refers to new hope for her new life & is probably your dress and shoes. ‘Something borrowed’ is often a garter from a happily married girlfriend is believed to pass on good luck to the newly-weds. Blue symbolises purity, faithfulness & commitment to her husband, so tie a bow & add it to your undies!

vintage style garter

Vintage style garter from Florrie Mitton

The next tradition we are going to cover is bouquets and flowers.. so please keep following!

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