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Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Symbols…

With The Meanings.

We’ve got all the anniversaries covered, with cards for all the important significant dates. We’ve listed them for you, with the meaning behind each one. Some of the symbols are based upon ancient history, others are just simple rather lovely. Hope this helps when you’re struggling to work out which card you should be buying for your anniversary. 

First Year Anniversary 

Paper is the first-year anniversary symbol and represents your new marriage like a blank sheet and signifies your relatively fragile newfound relationship.

1st Wedding Anniversary Paper CardPaper 1st Wedding Anniversary Card

Second Year Anniversary 

Cotton for 2nd anniversaries is thought to symbolise the fabric, which is made from lots of threads woven together, the longer you are married the more your life becomes intertwined and firmly bonded together.


Third Year Anniversary 

Leather for 3 years married, as it’s durable and has traditionally been used as a material to protect. As your marriage matures your relationship becomes much stronger.


Fourth Year Anniversary

Linen is the fourth year and associated with this material as it is very difficult to make, but once made the fabric is very strong.

Fifth Year Anniversary

Wood, the symbol for 5 years is thought to be because trees have strength, have been growing for a long time and represent wisdom. Your marriage is solid and you have deep roots that are entwined. A centuries-old tradition in Wales would be to give beautifully carved wooden spoons.


Sixth Year Anniversary 

Sugar symbolises that life is getting sweeter by the time you reach your sixth wedding anniversary, so you and your partner can indulge in some sweet treats.

Seventh Year Anniversary 

Wool was chosen for its ability to conduct heat. After seven years together, your marriage is warm, cosy and comforting.


Eighth Year Anniversary 

Bronze is for eight years, as it is extraordinarily strong, in fact it’s a mixture of two metals (copper and tin) thought to be stronger with two combined than separately.


Ninth Year Anniversary

Copper for nine years of marriage, as it is a good conductor of heat. After nine years together, your marriage is warm and comforting.


Tenth Year Anniversary

Tin was used to store and preserve things which is why it is used to mark ten years of marriage. It can prolong the life of what it’s holding.

10th Tin Wedding Anniversary Card

Eleventh Year Anniversary

Steel is the traditional symbol for 11 years married, valued for its durability and strength.

Twelfth Year Anniversary

Silk for the twelfth anniversary is symbolised by the delicate threads of silk that silkworms wrap around themselves, this luxurious material symbolises protection, security and comfort – perfect for the stability you feel after 12 years with your partner.

12th Silk Wedding Anniversary Card

Thirteenth Year Anniversary

Lace for thirteen years of marriage is quite beautiful and romantic, representing delicate interlacing fibres creating something beautiful.

Fourteenth Year Anniversary

Ivory is traditionally used as it symbolises purity and also represents integrity and fidelity within a marriage.

Fifteenth Year Anniversary 

Crystal is a luxurious product and chosen for its clarity, its transparency represents how you see each other clearly after 15 years together.


Sixteenth Year Anniversary 

Wax for your 16th wedding anniversary represents how you’ve moulded your lives together after this many years; wax can melt, bend and change shape, just as you have to be flexible to make a marriage work.

Seventeenth Year Anniversary 

Citrine as the gemstone associated with the 17th year wedding anniversary. Citrine is believed by some to diminish self-destructive tendencies by raising self-esteem and provide good for overall emotional well-being and helps strengthen the immune system.

Eighteenth Year Anniversary

Garnet is a stone symbolising romance, love and passion, and it is used in metaphysics to enhance sensuality, sexuality and intimacy in a balanced way. It is also considered a stone that represents blossoming truth, commitment, hope and faith.

Nineteenth Year Anniversary 

Bronze Anniversary, symbolising a tougher, resilient and more durable relationship after nearly two decades together.

Twentieth Year Anniversary 

China is the traditional symbol for the 20th milestone of wedding anniversaries. China is fragile but when looked after properly, it can stand the test of time. Even after two decades together, you may have fragile moments but if you take care of your relationship it will always survive.

Twenty-fifth Year Anniversary 

Silver is the traditional symbol, started by the Romans who traditionally crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their 25th wedding anniversary. It is also thought to have magical properties and bring luck to those who wear it.


Thirtieth Year Anniversary

Pearls are traditionally considered symbols of wisdom gained from life’s experiences after 30 years of marriage.


Thirty-fifth Year Anniversary 

Coral is said to have healing properties, thought to protect and bond a marriage after 35 years.

35th Coral Wedding Anniversary Card

Fortieth Year Anniversary 

Ruby for 40 years of marriage, has quite a lot of mythology around it as this precious stone is believed to have powers of energy and protection.


Forty-fifth Year Anniversary  

Sapphire is another gemstone reputed to offer protection to its wearer. In many cultures it is associated with heaven.


Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary 

Gold is associated with wealth and status, elegance and sophistication to celebrate 50 years of marriage.


Fifty-fifth Year Anniversary 

Emeralds for 45 years of marriage are stones said to have healing powers, promoting peace and balance, reflection and growth.


Sixtieth Year Anniversary 

Diamonds are thought to attract abundance, harmony and true love within relationships. And as the film title says Diamonds Are Forever – a fitting association for a sixtieth wedding anniversary.


Seventieth Year Anniversary 

Platinum is precious, strong, enduring and doesn’t tarnish. Giving a gift of platinum is representative of these qualities in your 70 year marriage.


Eightieth Year Anniversary

Oak symbolises couples who live long enough to celebrate 80 years of marriage, the tree that lives on seemingly forever.


There are many varying lists from traditional and modern UK versions, USA and many other countries, but we find these ones the most common and frequently requested.  Hope it’s helped!






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