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Wedding Day Handkerchief

Wedding day handkerchiefs are a wedding tradition that couples are loving. A thoughtful, beautiful and treasured keepsake to give the bride and groom, mothers and fathers of the bride and groom, grandma, sister and or course the best man too, on the big day. A memento to remember your special day.

So where and when did the tradition of a wedding handkerchief begin?

The actual wedding hanky tradition is thought to have begun in the Southern States of America. Often a wedding handkerchief was passed down through many generations and the hanky sometimes even served a dual purpose as one of the bride’s “something old, something new & something blue”, as it still does today.  These would have been embroidered with sweet messages, poems, flowers and symbols of love.

The reasons why a bride wanted to catch her tears of joy with a handkerchief have changed over the years. Some say that a bride who cries on her wedding day would never shed another tear about her marriage. Wedding handkerchiefs are often given to the bride and groom as gifts or couples give them to their bridal party for sharing in their special day. Many brides personalise their hankies with monograms, dates or messages.

We’ve took the historic wedding day handkerchief and given it a modern makeover!

Messages, monograms and personalised names and dates are printed in either a stunning gold or rose gold foil print. You just pick the one you want and tell us the date and we make these little lovelies to order. The ‘girls hanky’ is white cotton with a matching lace trim, the ‘boys hanky’ white cotton with a shadow stripe border.

They come in a beautiful blush or pewter grey petal shaped wallet, sealed with a ‘Sent with Love’ sticker.

Here’s the collection.. but drop us a line if you’d like a bespoke one, personally made just for you.

For Tears Of Joy Wedding Day Handkerchief

Happy Tears Wedding Day Handkerchief

Mother of the Bride Wedding Day Handkerchief

Father of the Bride Wedding Day Handkerchief

Mother of the Groom Wedding Day Handkerchief

Father of the Groom Wedding Day Handkerchief



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